These Sisters Look Like Ordinary Dancers From 1940, But Watch Close To Their Legs. Incredible!

Aggie, Maggie and Elmira, better known as the Ross Sisters were in the 40s extremely popular thanks to their performance in the film Broadway Rhythm. The sisters were praised by critics for their extraordinary flexibility and choreography. The Ross Sisters are actually one of the forerunners of today's modern contortionists. "The acrobatic antics of the Ross Sisters ends the show in two ways. These ladies are innovative and their work is sensational, "was written about them in Billboard magazine in 1942.


After they gained publicity in the United States, the sisters decided to continue touring in Europe. They even played for royals like Queen Elizabeth. This was done at the Royal Variety Performance in London. In 1950, all three sisters where married and decided to retire. Fortunately, we can use a medium like YouTube to look at these classic films and performances and share them with the current generations. The Ross Sisters proved once again that their performances are timeless - that is something for sure! Check out one of their best performances below and SHARE this video on Facebook if you find that each generation should see this!

What a amazing performance.. This is something way different than nowadays.


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