They Saved Her From Being Killed. Now She Sees Her Child For The First Time.

Fancy would be slaughtered for food. She was mistreated, scared and was carrying a small foal. But fortunately she was rescued just in time, what a story! Staff of the rescue team, Crossfire Equine Rescue in Texas took Fancy and had stopped the plans for the slaughter. The horse was shocked and they knew that it would cost a lot of work to make her happy and feel safe again.


They didn't want to leave Fancy alone so they let Fancy in the barn for a few days so the first sleepless nights would be better. With patience, training and a lot of love Fancy changed and got better and better. Her fear vanished and she felt happy and secure again. The staff knew that she would be a great mother!


And finally she gave birth to her baby without compilations or anything else. A real sweetheart was born!


In the video below you can see the whole story of Fancy, what a touching story ..

Beautiful! Animal abuse should never happen again, therefore we ask you to share this clip with as many people around you. Together we can make a change!


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