They Seem Small, But Once They Turn Around? Millions Of People Remain Bewildered!

Are you ready to be blown away? Because this action is truly amazing! Check out this great routine from the World Cup Finals Acrobatic Gymnastics that was held in Poland.

These three young Ukrainian women became third in the championship. I never knew this routine was even possible and I've really never seen gymnasts with such incredible flexibility and strength. In this video, it looks like the gymnasts never heard about gravity.



Where are they hiding all those muscles to do this?! The longer you look at this routine, the better it gets.

At 1:23 my mouth fell open and at 2:27 and the commentator said that he thought the leg of the middle girl would break into several pieces.

Ouch! I still can not believe that these ladies ended up third. Because let's face it; this performance deserves the first place right? If you are impressed by these athletes, do not be afraid to share this video with your friends on Facebook.


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