This 14 Year Old Girl Was Drowning.. But Then A Blind Dog Did The Unthinkable..

Norman is a Labrador retriever who was rescued from an animal facility. The idea was t kill the poor creature, but a day before it suppose to happen he was released by his current owner Annette. It went well for a while until Norman was diagnosed with an irreversible disease that ultimately made him permanently blind. However, this setback did not stop him from doing the unthinkable: being a hero. When he was with his owner on a beach , Norman heard something that no one else could hear - a 14-year-old girl screamed desperately for help in the water.


Annette and Norman were often found at the beach, because it was the only safe public place where he could walk free. When Norman heard the girl screaming, he knew exactly what to do: save her as soon as possible, even though he couldn't see anything. It is a terrible thought that Norman almost wasn't there anymore, but not just for him but also the girl, and fortunately, it may be that he got a new owner.

He is a true hero and despite from being blind he rescued this 14 year old girl from drowning to death. This is a true story and if you liked it do not forget to share Norman's heroic action with everyone you know.


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