This Baby Is Never Able To Meet Her Mother, The Reason Why is Heartbreaking

The process of the creation of Children is absolutely amazing, producing new life into the world filled with love and joy. However, it is not as easy as it sounds for everyone.

Meet Laura Yoho, the young mother who left a touching story before she had left us to a better place. Laura exercising at the gym once she suddenly fainted and was brought to the hospital immediately. After going through a diagnose, the Doctors stated to have found a tumor in her brain and it had to be treated directly. Another sad part of the story is that she just got engaged wit her husband Nate and were planning to spend the rest of their lives together.

They were bound to get married and they have never considered talking about children yet. However Laura had to undergo Chemotherapy and the time was ticking. Even Though Laura was sick, she decided to leave her Husband Nate with something that no one would ever imagine.

Before the surgery, Laura decided to freeze her eggs as she did not want to miss the chance to start a family with the biggest love of her life!

Laura and Nate were convinced and ready to start their family together, as Laura's best friend Kara Stetson volunteered to help carrying the baby.

Kara became a surrogate mother, while Laura experience treatment against the tumor

For over 24 years Kara and Laura have been best friends

There was not one moment of doubt about Kara carrying Laura's baby for the couple

Finally the little Caralyn was born, healthy and beautiful

Sadly, Laura has passed away four months prior to the birth of  Caralyn

Nate was seperated from his soul mate, but was left behind with something very precious to him, Baby Caralyn

Laura made sure to leave something behind for Caralyn once she has grown up,  she has made videos, wrote letters just to make sure to show her how much she loved her daughter

Friendship truly exists, this story is very touching but beautiful at the same time. Kara did not have a single doubt for carrying her best friends child, as she made Laura's dream to start a family come to reality.


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