This Disrespectful Man Tries To Kick An Innocent Dog, But Then He Gets What He Deserves

Karma is a B*tch, we all know what that means right?

You have to be very weak to kick an innocent dog and this video shows exact a person like this. This man walks into a supermarket and suddenly he starts kicking dog. The sweet creature isn't doing anything wrong and the man tries to kick him in the face.

At first I was afraid watching this video but then Karma dropped by and the man got exactly what he deserves.

This is karma to the fullest! And we also believe that this is the ex owner of Patrick, a dog that almost died but fortunately a miracle happened to him.

Someone who doesn't respect living creatures or other human beings deserves something like this. Don't be afraid sharing this video or commenting below if you think we need to find this guy!


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