This Elephant Started Attacking Random Cars, The Reason Why Is Very Romantic

It is the time of the year, it's the mating season for all the elephants in Thailand. Sometimes strange things are bound to happen when the elephants see nothing but love through their eyes. literally everything is considered arousing!

A male elephant was strolling around a silver gray car and was very interested in the shape of the car, so he decided to take a closer look.

In the following two videos you are able to witness the lovemaking of an enormous elephant, who seems to be affectionated by the cars on the road as he humps his entire body over them. We were able to collect footage recorded from a distance and close up shots from people who were sitting inside the car.

In the second video you are able to see the perspective of the two people inside the car, it is striking how the two remained so calm, knowing that a Thai male elephant of up to 5,000 kilos was crushing their hood!

What would you do if an elephant were to demolish your car, thinking it is a female elephant!


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