This Looks Like A Normal Pool, But When I Saw The Rest Of It My Mouth Fell Open

The pool in your hometown was always too small right? Are you tired of swimming in such a small pool and you are ready for something better? How about a delicious hot and miles-long pool with a depth of 35 meters? Sounds better, do not you think? I thought so too. Meet the San Alfonso del Mar private resort in Algarrobo, Chile. It is the world's largest swimming pool and that makes it a real tourist attraction. The pool has a size of over 20 hectares and contains 66 million liters (!) Filtered seawater from the Pacific Ocean.

Do not get lost without sunscreen, because then you have a problem!


The pool is more than 800 meters long and has a size of 20 hectares!


It contains 66 million liters of sea water...


... And has a maximum depth of 35 meters.


Ahhh ... relax!


This pool cost $ 2 billion to build and $ 4 million to maintain it a year.


The water is pumped and filtered from the Pacific Ocean.





The swimming pool opened in 2006 and is awaiting your visit!


This is what I call a pool. And look at that clear water just once. Wow! Share this article with your friends when you like to go once a week on vacation and would like to visit this wonderful resort.


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