This Mother Holds Her Baby For The First Time. What Happened Next? I Couldn't Hold My Tears.

Everyone can imagine how hard it is to get a baby that was born prematurely. The first thing you are worried about is of course the health of your baby. Often you prepare well for the birth, but no one is prepared for getting a premature baby. Such a moment can be very intense. In the next video we see Ward. Ward was born three months early. After he was born, he was immediately linked to a variety of devices and monitors to let him breathe.



In the video you can see the progress of his youth. We see him grow up, play, laugh and develop himself. This makes me as a human being so happy and I think every parent feels the same way! Benjamin and Lyndsey, Wards parents, decided to share the video with the world. And for a good reason: they received a lot of positive and inspiring responses. They have had tremendous support from the heartwarming responses they got on this video. Watch the story of Benjamin, and of course the little Lyndsey Ward.

How wonderful to know that so many people sympathize with this couple during their difficult time.


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