This Single Dad Couldn't Comb Her Daughter's Hair, So He Did Something Brilliant

Greg Wickherst is a single dad of a little girl called Izzy. One of his tasks is to take care of her hair every morning but he just doesn't know how.

This is how Greg did it a year ago. Of course he hoped that Izzy would look better by cutting her hair, but that wasn't his best choice.

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He realized he had two choices: making Izzy's hair shorter, or learn how to do her hair. He decided to do the second option  and went to the Intellitech College, a school were he works.


He decided to go to a hair cutting school. After days of hard studying he got everything under control and this is the result:


Greg also started experimenting.


And it's becoming cooler every day.



It started as a small project for his daughter but it also became more fun for Greg to do.


Their story is such an inspiration that even other fathers asked Greg for advice. IntelliTech launched a father daughter day were Greg teaches other fathers his skills.



Greg gained a lot of followers who love to hear more about Izzy's hairstyles. He said he wants to start video blog with tutorials soon.

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