This Tiny House Looks A Bit Strange From The Outside, But When You Enter The House.. WOW

Bigger isn't always better.

Take a example of of this triangle shaped house, it is even more impressive than the villa of Brad Pitt. This Japanese is designed by a brilliant architect from the Mizuishi Architects. There is enough space to live there with your family. The shape of the house is a bit strange, since it has the shape of a triangle.

The houses you are about to see are all a bit strange but it's very usual to design houses like this in Japan. Because earthquakes happen a lot in Japan the houses are also designed for earthquakes.

The house is built on a triangle shaped piece, it was affordable but very difficult to build on


They made sure the position of the house was perfect for the sun


But how can it be so much fun to live in such a house?


This is why!


It is great to make a playroom out of this space


Because the house is very high you have a great view


The living room is very cosy


The bedroom looks very relaxing and great to sleep in


Look at that space


The upper view of the kitchen


The bathroom is modern and classy.


What do you think? Isn't it great to live here?


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