This Traveling Couple Proves That Love Doesn't Have Any Limit

Finding a friend to travel with isn't a easy task. However, when you've finally found the perfect person to take on a journey there are no limits anymore. If there is a couple that is aware of this, it is Alvarrez Jay and his 22 year old girlfriend, Alexia Ren. In fact, these lovebirds from California have already traveled to many exotic destinations on earth. They managed to capture the most incredible moments during their trip. However, these photo series raised a few questions...

How do these two travel enthusiasts pay their journey? And who takes all these special pictures? Anyway, let's not think too long about these questions and just enjoy the pictures they have taken during their glorious holidays:

This is Jay and his girlfriend Alexis.


If they are not in California to enjoy the nice weather ...


... They are on an adventure and they come along the most extraordinary locations.


Together they travel around the world.


They're never bored.


How do you ensure a long and happy relationship? Find a partner who likes the same things as you.


Especially someone who can enjoy an intense helicopter ride ...


And certainly is not afraid of skydiving.


Enjoying the beach with their best friend is of course also very important.


They are not afraid of a hike.


If it is all just too much, she just grabs her book.


"Jealous? Me ?! Nope I'm not ... "


You'll just have to love this lifestyle. Maybe I'm just a little jealous ... What do you think of this? Would you make a trip with your partner? Or just stay home enjoying a movie on the couch? Let us know.


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