This Trick Looks Like Magic, But Wait Until You Find Out How They Do It

Do you believe everything you see?

This street of illusionists use the trick of levitation ( the process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in a stable position ) and they're very good at it. Or does it only looks like they're very good at it?

It isn't really magic but you already know that of course, but I always asked myself how they do it. Today my questions were finally answered.

This little boy is pretty confused, how is this possible?


Nice clothing by the way


I think these man are good at keeping secrets


But if you look close you'll see the socks aren't matching the outfit


Concentration to the fullest


This man DEFINITELY is using some kind of magic, but is it really magic?


It looks pretty impressive


Do you get how they do it?


So that's how they do it, easy peasy!


And for your comfort we also found a video explaining everything

They key to their levitation is actually pretty simple. By using the right dynamics and some strong wood or metal. The simple answer is: it isn't really magic, everybody thought it was but in reality they're just sitting on a small chair.


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