This Women Wanted To Test If Her Husband Was Cheating On Her

This is a short story about a suspicious women and a man who knows his wife longer than just a few days.

A man and a women are married for a couple of years and they love each other very much. But the women got bored since they already have such a long relationship. After a long relationship like this she starts doubting if her husband still loves her that much so she decided to test him. What would he do if she would suddenly leave him?

She writes him a goodbye note and hides herself under the bed. This is what the note says:

Hi A**hole,

I'm done with you, I don't want to live with you together anymore and it's over now.


So she started waiting. After about 20 minutes he came home. He walks inside, reads the letter and suddenly starts singing and dancing. The man walks to the fridge, pops a bottle champaign and takes a sip. Then he grabs his phone and calls somebody, which the women (still hiding under the bed) hears.

Hi Babe, I'm coming over right now! The B**ch finally knows I'm cheating on her and she left! Hahaha! It was such a mistake marrying her. I'm so happy she's finally gone, now we can finally be together. Se you soon honey.

The man hangs up the phone and the women starts crying while she's still hiding under the bed. She wants to scream but there is no sound coming out of her throat, she is defeated. She hears that the man is grabbing a note and writes something on it and just leaves.

The women wipes her tears and climbs her way up. She walks toward the letter to see what's on it:

I could see your feet sticking outside the bed honey. I'm out to buy some groceries, see you soon.


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