Sir Paul McCartney Invites A Couple To The Stage And Reads THIS Sign, WAUW!

Paul McCartney is undoubtedly a legend. With over 50 years of experience as an artist on a worldstage, we can assume that this experience was something new for the ex-Beatle. Sir Paul McCartney is not typically the kind of artist who likes to invite fans on stage... But he made an exception for these two fans who were standing in the audience with signs that really asked for more explanation.


During a show at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York, McCartney saw a women in the audience holding a sign that said: ''He won't marry me 'til he meets you!''. Next to her there was a man holding a sign: ''I have the ring & I'm 64!!''.

The legendary musician couldn't hold back his curiosity and invited the couple to the stage. This led to an amazing proposal with ''YES'' as an answer! McCarney, who is now in his 70's, was only 25 years old (1967) when he wrote the song ''When I'm Sixty-Four''. This was a magical moment, knowing that his song is still playing a part of people's lives in 2015.

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