What Dogs Actually Do When They Are Left Alone In The House

We all know that our dogs are very  loyal to us, and we love them for it! However, have you ever stopped and thought about what keeps them busy during the day?

Well meet Mike, the owner of this cute LabraDoodle.

LabraDoodle LabraDoodle

He was curious what his dog was doing while he was at work, so he decided to attach a GoPro camera onto his dog in order to reveal the daily activities of his doodle.

The results were saddening, i actually became emotional after watching this video.

When Mike arrived home he started watching the video and literally shed into tears.

Mikes Message Mikes Message

Mike decided to never let his lovely Doodle alone anymore, and receiver permission to bring him along to his work! It is a truly emotional story, as mike revealed the true emotions that lies within our dogs.

Come to think of it, wouldn't you be sad staying home all by yourself every single day? I know i would.


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