What This Guy Can Do With His Bow And Arrow Is Just Unbelievable

You've probably heard about this sport which cannot be preformed by everyone: Archery. When I was young I always wanted to build my own bow but it never worked out properly..

Meet Lars Andersen, a magician if it comes to his bow and arrow. This man can literally do anything with his bow and arrow and people call him a new level of archery. He can shoot op to 3 arrows in 0.6 seconds without any problem. I don't want to have an argument with him, that's for sure.

Watch Lars Anderson doing the most epic stuff which nobody every thought was even possible, btw: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Lars wanted to show that Hollywood archery is not historical and i couldn't agree with him more. Wat do you think of his skills? I'm really impressed and never thought this was even possible.


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