Will Ferrell Hits A Cheerleader In The Face With A BasketBall

Who doesn't know Will Ferrell, he is famous for his goofy characters in many movies! However, his goofiness level has exceeded the crowds expectations as he recently hit a cheerleader in the face with a basketball!

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The cast was Filming for an upcoming movie known as Daddy's Home, hereby Will Ferrell showed up on the court in order to attempt a half-court shot. We all know he is not capable of no such thing so instead he smashed one of the Pelicans cheerleaders in the face with a basketball.

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The incident was of course set up for the movie and was not real, it was actually part of a film shoot that took place during halftime at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. Ferrell's character was reportedly attempting a half-court shot with the cheerleaders lined up alongside him. Instead of trying to shoot it in the basket, he threw the basketball directly into the face of one of the ladies, according to Sports Illustrated.

I hope the girl was not hurt, we all know Will Ferrell can go overboard sometimes!


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