With These 7 Golden Tips Your Iphone Battery Will Last 10x Longer

Apple recently released the new iphones and IOS 8. Although the new release was good there are still a lot of complaints about the battery life. Some people say that they have to charge their battery 3x a day., so its time to do something about that!

We made a list of 8 tips which can improve your battery up to 10x longer than usual. This is always nice to know even if you are not having troubles with your iOS device.

1.) Adjust your screen brightness

This is probably known by everyone, the brighter your phone screen, the faster your battery will drain. With this knowledge you can easily save a small amount of your battery. Turn off the Auto-Brightness of your screen and save even more energy setting your screen a little less bright. This is how you do it: Go to Settings  --> Display & Brightness --> Adjust the brightness

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2.) Close your apps, simple but effective

These days multitasking is very handy but also a battery killer. People forget that you can close your apps if you're not using them. The complains about people's iOS device is running slower and the battery is draining is very common, But most of that people are running 20 apps in the background.

Press you home screen twice and follow these steps:

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3.) Turn off Location Services

iOS 8 is the newest technology and of course incredible smart, because your iphone can remember where you are or how long it takes for you to go to your work or school. But this takes a lot of your battery life and at this point you don't need this services yet. The settings of this are a little deeper in your iphone.

1.)Go to Privacy --> Location Services --> Off

2.)Go to Privacy --> Location Services --> Share My Location --> Off

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4.) Turn off the auto app update

When iOS 7 was released they introduced the auto app update. Its great but it also costs a lot of energy from our loved battery. And maybe you don't want to update some apps because you like them just the way they are. I had the Soundcloud app and the old one was way better that the new one so i regret that the app was updated.

Go to: Settings --> iTunes & App Store --> Updates --> Off

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5.) Turn Off Background App Refresh

Its always handy to always run you route planner. But if you're on the road and your not feeling much of snap chatting you can better turn of these apps to safe some battery.

You can do this via: Settings --> General --> Background App Refresh --> Off

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6.) No Dynamic Background

The dynamic wallpapers are sweet to watch but they are very heavy for the processor and for the battery.  Admire them over the wonderful effect a few times and turn them off, especially when your not in reach of a charger all day.

This is how you do it: Settings --> Wallpaper --> Choose A Wallpaper That Doesn't Move

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7.) Reduce Motion

We have to admin the depth effect of iOS is very impressive but is uses a lot of power so turn it off to enjoy your iPhone way longer.

You do it like this: Go to Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Reduce Motion: On

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