You Won't Believe How Much Fun You Can Have With Squirrels

One of our cutest and nuttiest forest friends are getting a bit spoiled and trending in the processed. Innovative people everywhere are coming up with some funny and clever ways to feed our fuzzy tailed friends. From homemade inventions to feeders sold on store shelves it doesn’t matter to them as long as we keep the food coming. If squirrels could “hashtag” I’m sure they’d be saying #thankyou #keepitcoming #morenutsplease.

Introducing the “horsehead” feeder, for those squirrels who want to sport a Mr. Ed, look while feasting on peanuts.


Sleepy Hollow comes to the woods in this homemade feeder, where would be squirrel scavengers can feast on fresh pumpkin seeds. Ichabod Crane would be so proud.


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we got it right with this oversized squirrel head. There is plenty of room to act a bit squirrely.

Mcphee Mcphee

A Farmer enjoys the show as two crazy squirrels, not only go organic but compete in a coconut eating contest with the feeders she left behind.

Jane Roberts is hoping this will keep them away from the bird feeders……..unlikely.

Look around your house or online and add some enjoyment to your morning routine by giving these little furry rascals a new toy to play with. You’d be surprised about how much joy they are to watch.


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