Young Boy Was Arrested For Stealing A Pack Of Gum

In the US state of Idaho a 9 year old boy was arrested and detained for a day, after the stealing a pack of gum. The prosecutor has now admitted that he never had to issue the arrest warrant.

Prosecutor Barry McHugh said he regrets the way things took place, as he stated "I will do everything within my power to prevent this type of error in the future."


Unfortunately the boy did not show up twice at court and the judge gave permission for the arrest warrant. Can you imagine being arrested for a simple pack of gum? According to a police officer the parents simply do not have the resources to bring their child to court resulting that the child was taken into custody on January 6, 2015.

" It is unfortunate that this awful situation had to happen", said Police Chief Scott Haug. "No officer executes such orders for fun ."

It's a shame that the entire family was separated, due to the stolen pack of gum. If i were the boy I would feel very guilty and at least apologize!


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