10 Cartoons As A Response To The Charlie Hebdo Attack

As you all may know a terrible accident took place in Paris yesterday and cartoonists from all over the world responded appropriately to the cowardly act of terror that ended the life of their Parisian colleagues from the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. You can find some of the best cartoons below.

I don't think I need to say much about these cartoons, only that i'm pretty shocked about what happened in Paris and I think we have to do something about it together.

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B6wP1DNCQAEwYqb.jpg-large B6wLriPCEAAInb2.jpg-large B6wLoAvIEAAMZED.png-large B6wH_aEIYAA0DY3.jpg-large B6wFfiaIcAAIgpA.jpg-large

I really think we have to do something, lets do it by sharing this message to let them know that we are not afraid and showing them we are strong together.


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