5 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Make You Look Sexier And Bigger Without Working-Out!

A lot of people want to gain muscle, need to have that sexy abs or want to look more muscular than they currently are. With these 5 simple and easy tricks you will shock yourself and the people around you without spending all those desperate hours in the GYM! Trick number 4 will blow your mind!

1. Eat more carbs


Carbs (carbohydrates) pulls a lot of water and water is the basic ingredient of any muscle and the body! The more carbs you eat, the more water you will save into your muscles! Surprise! You’re looking bigger and stronger!

2. Eat less


This trick contradicts trick number 1. Eat less and you will lose weight. Lose weight and your muscles will get more definition! How convenient is that, you will also save up money!

3. Wear more fitted and bright colored shirts


Do not wear to big shirts, because in that way your body will disappear in the shirt and that’s something you don’t want to do to yourself. Wear more fitted shirts instead, because then you will see the definition from your body! Mix it up with some bright colored shirts and you just completed another trick to look hotter than ever!

4. Tan


Did you know that a good tan gives you a bigger look? Tans in combination with bright colored shirts will do the trick for more definition in your muscles and the sexy look! Search the sun or a tanning bed and your good to go! Bonus: Vitamin D is good for the skin if you don’t overdo yourself.

5. Eat a lot protein!


Proteins are the bricks to form your muscles. When you eat a lot of protein you will maintain your muscles from getting weaker. Proteins also save up a lot of water which will give you that bigger and sexier look eventually and makes you less hungry! So don’t skip the proteins. Protein is your friend!

Comment below if you know more simple tricks and let your lazy friends know about these life hacks!


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