A 9 Year Old Deceased Child Appears On A Picture

The 9 year old Nicholas McCabe was one of the victims of the devastating tornado in the American Moore, May last year. A few months later a picture is taken from his niece Madison, but she is not the only one on the picture.

The tornado reached rare wind speeds of over 300 local and even increased to 400 kilometers per hour. The extreme tornado passed over Oklahoma City and the City Moore, a area in America known as Tornado Alley. The tornado destroyed houses, shops and a primary school.

One of the victims was the 9 year old Nicolas McCabe who died in The Plaza Towers Elementary School


Nicolas was buried in his favorite red Plaza Towers T-shirt and life went slowly normal again in Moore. When the 4th of July arrives Nicolas's niece, Madison celebrated with some fireworks, she was very sad that Nicolas wasn't around anymore.

The family took a picture of Madison when she was playing with the fireworks, watch what happened


If you watch closer to the picture it looks like there is somebody else on the picture. The only strange thing is that Madison was alone when the picture was taken. When they showed the footage to the father of Nicolas, Scott McCabe he bursted into tears.

He had no doubt, he was sure it was his son standing next to Madison, he said: "Nicolas loved the 4th of July and all the fireworks"


According to Scott McCabe the red T-shirt he was buried in is visible on the picture. He doesn't care what other people think, he is sure that his son is on that picture. Scott has the feeling, deep in his heart that it was a message from his way too soon deceased son Nicolas.


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