A Man Miraculously Survived After Being Crushed Between Two Trailer Trucks

The icy roads of Oregon caused the highways to be very slippery resulting in a huge pileup of trailer trucks and cars to crash into each other. During this incident something spectacular happened, as a man miraculously had survived after being crushed-sandwiched by two trucks.

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The 27 -year-old Caleb Whitby is undoubtedly considered being the luckiest guy in the world, as he survived the crash only having a few scratches. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, the picture above clearly describes how lucky Whitby must have been. Whitby was forced to hit the breaks resulting in his car to land on his side.

The moment he crashed into to truck in front of him he realized that the truck behind him was heading towards his direction. The car was smashed like a tin can, as he recalls"I kept my steering wheel firmly as I heard the crunch of metal coming close, everything went very quickly".

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Whitby, is still in shock and states that he thanks God that he is still alive, but has yet to figured out how or why he was destined to survive.


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