A Man Poured Liquid Aluminum In A Bucket With Sand, The Result Is Mind-Blowing

It is a well known fact that recycling is getting popular by the day, which is of course only positive. A interesting fact: The total production of soda cans is worldwide around 475 billion cans and in Europe around 52 billion a year and according Wikipedia the production is increasing every year.

So it's very good that the recycling process is rising and some people are very creative with that. When I saw this video I was surprised that this man poured liquid aluminium in a bucket. I was a little confused because why would he do that?

This is perhaps the coolest life hack i've seen in ages, who have ever thought you could do something so cool with a few cans of soda?

I can't wait to try this hack at home but what do you think, are you going to try it at home? Let me know by clicking the Facebook button below.


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