Amazing Underground City Was Discovered During The Renovation Of A House

During a renovation of the house from a Turkish man in 1963 he made a world changing discovery.

Behind a wall they had to remove, a hidden chamber appeared, it turned out to be the first look on a lost city called Derinkuyu. The city expands to at least 18 floors underground and isn't the biggest but the deepest in history. A very complicated network of several galleries which are connected multiple chambers and buildings.

The city is one of the lost cities of Cappadocia which are constructed thousands of years ago.

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Here is the first gallery


Historians think it was built around 8 before Christ and was used by around 20.000 residents.


It was a very useful spot for defense against armies and natural disasters.


On the next page you will find out that this city was full of other surprises..

This city had a lot more surprises:

There are several entrances to other rooms


Even a ventilation system is aboard to provide fresh air


Also drinkable water was available to avoid dehydration and intoxication and it also wasn't in contact with main ground.


The entire city can be locked down by using large round stones.


A lot of rooms had different functions like schools, shops, graves and churches.


If my life was back then I would certainly wanted to live there!


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