This Brave Boy Had A Hard Time Making Friends And The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking

Every year thousands of children are being born with medical complications. It is so tough to stand strong in these kind of situations. Unfortunately these complications can cause young kids to decease way too soon.

This brave guy, Jonathan, was born with a very rare disease, called the ''Butterfly disease''.

The illness causes his skin to fall off which leave bloody blisters all over his body.

There is no cure to solve his terrible condition, that is why life is so complicated for this fourteen year old boy.


He has to deal with constant unimaginable physical pain. But what is so inspiring about this situation is that, despite his disease, Jonathan is living life to the fullest!

He has found a way to be happy. Most people feel so sorry for the things he doesn't have, but this boy is focusing on the things he DOES have. Jonathan's story is such a prime example of optimism and we should all learn from him. Don't forget to share his impressive story!


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