Mother Takes A Swim With Her Kids, But Look What's There Behind Them

Bethany is enjoying a relaxing swim in the beautiful waters of the Okinwa Islands in South-Japan. She is having so much fun already with her 4 lovely kids.

It's perfect, although the dad of the 4 children, Bethany's husband is in the army and was sent to Afghanistan for 6 months.


Bethany's friend is filming and asks her if she could say something to her husband, because he is not there with them. They show love to him in a way that's quite touching. It must be so hard to miss someone you love for such a long time and especially when you're having a beautiful moment without the one you love.

But then something is approaching... What a surpirse, this will bring tears to your eyes! Watch the amazing video below and don't forget to share with your friends and family! In the name of love.


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