First Man In History Who Was Able To Walk On Melting Lava

The Mount Enta in Sicily (Italy) is known to be a dangerous and ferocious volcano, as it is the most active volcano in Europe.

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Many people said it was impossible for people to walk on lava, but we have found evidence of a man running up a stream of molting hot lava.

Meet Erik Klemetti a geologist from Ohio, he has been analyzing the rare elements of a volcanic reactions for many years and finally found a way for humans to walk on lava.

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At first the video seems unreal and fake, you must be asking yourself; how can a man run on lava without getting burned? Erik was prepared for these questions, as he wrote a blog post explaining how it is possible for a human to walk on lava without being burned by its heat.

As Erik Mentioned: “The biggest thing most people don’t realize is just how viscous lava is. It isn’t like water, where if you step into a pool, you sink to the bottom because the water lacks any strength to hold you up. Lava does have strength and speaking from experience, lava, even when red hot, does offer a lot of resistance when you try to pull some out as a sample”

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Check out the amazing video

I really believe in science when it comes to these types of mysterious miracles, do you think that Erik knew what he was doing, or just had a guardian angel on his shoulder protecting him from any danger?


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