He Bends A Fork And Puts It Between The Door. A Few Minutes Later? An Ingenious Door Lock System!

Feeling safe in your own home is always important. But it is even more important to finish your home well when you're away from home to enjoy a well deserved holiday. You do not want intruders to take all your valuables and breaking your lock, right?

Protecting your house is therefore of great importance. Research shows that many people are worried about their property when they are on a vacation. Even if you're sure you've secured your house well, being 100% sure will never be the case.



Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a good security system or alarm, so an alternative must be found. And that alternative is closer than you might think, because the only thing you need is a fork. That's right: a fork! This is another creative way to protect your property and the beauty of it is that it isn't expensive at all. Less than an expensive alarm system, which is in any case fixed.

In case anyone can afford a good alarm system, go for it. For the rest of us a fork will be sufficient enough. It's easier than you think.


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