He Covered A Beer Can With Bacon And Minced Meat. The Result? Mouth-Watering!

Burgers, bacon, cheese and bear. Perhaps not the most healthy combination, but doesn't it sounds so tasty?

Finishing you burgers like this is so crazy that its awesome! When he covered his beer can with minced meat and bacon I thought he lost his mind, but it wasn't a bad idea at all! And it was pretty wise of him to not put the can on the grill.

The result of this recipe makes me want to eat! Everybody who loves a good barbecue need to try this!

1. Start rolling the meat into balls. After that you grab a beer can and push the can on a bal. Then you shape the meat around the can.


2. Glue two slices of bacon around the meat.


3. Now remove the can.


4. Stuff you hamburger with your favorite ingredients like onions and peppers.


5. DO NOT FORGET to add you favorite cheese and sauce.


6. Put it on the barbecue and close the lid Leave the burger there for approximately half an hour. Check your burger once in a while because it also depends on your barbecue's temperature.


7. Doesn't this looks tasty? We call the the burgerbom. Serve and enjoy!


And for your comfort, here is also a video instruction how to prepare this great dish.

How is it possible they invented this so late? Did you liked it? Then don't forget to share this recipe.


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