He Hides Chocolate Easter Eggs In A Balloon, But Wait Until You See The Result!

It's Easter again! The egg hunt already started. As with other holidays we like to decorate our house with Easter surprises. In many stores you can buy decorations, but it's more fun to do your own project. It saves money and you can lose your own creative egg. This project is not only a nice decoration, but it is also a fun and original gift to give. The best thing about it is that it isn't difficult to make: anyone can do it, the kids but also the parents.



All you need is wool / rope, wallpaper glue, balloons and, of course, Easter eggs. Proceed as follows: Fill the balloons with Easter eggs (as seen in the video below). If the eggs are inside you fill the balloon with air and close it. Then you put the wool in the wallpaper glue. You can also add some color, as can be seen in the video.

Then you wrap the balloon with wool / rope and let it dry. Make sure the rope that's wrapped around is all wet from the glue, so the rope gets hard. When the wool is dry you release the air from the balloon, you remove it and here it is: your own Easter decoration!

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