These People Volunteered To Sit In A Hot Car And This Is What Happened...

NEVER leave your child nor pet in a closed car on a hot day. Luckily most people would agree on that statement, but still we hear horror stories about this specific subject. Kars4Kids executed a social experiment to show how even adults can not stand being in a hot car for longer than 10 minutes. Kars4Kids is a non-profit organization that raises money for children. They even launched an App that reminds parents to not leave their children nor pets behind in the car on a hot summer day.


In this social experiment trespassers were challenged with the following quest: Stay in the car for 10 minutes and you will receive 100 dollars. Easy money, huh? Nevertheless it is easier said than done.

Approximately 85% of our brain exists of water and when that percentage increases, your ability to concentrate will increase too!

From now on, NEVER leave your kids nor pets behind in the car on a hot summer day. The results will say enough... Watch the video below and make sure to share it, so we can prevent the next horror story from happening.


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