How To Drink Unlimited Alcohol Without Getting Drunk

Meet Jim Koch a famous within the global beer culture, as he is a co-founder and director of the Boston Beer Company. Koch is a role model in the commercials made by the Boston Beer Company. He also is usually present at the beer festivals organized by his company and is known for the amount of beers he is able to drink, of course in a professional manner. He was able to stay sober during his event by using a simple trick, as he recently revealed this secret to the American Men's Magazine Esquire.

Esquire Esquire

So how does he do it?

Before Koch starts to drink his delicious beers, he eats a yogurt with a few spoonfuls of dried yeast, one teaspoon for each pint he wants to drink. He discovered this secret  when he met Joseph Owades, according to Koch he is the best beer brewer on the globe. Owades is partly responsible for the rise of craft beers in the States, moreover he also helped Koch to refine his famous Boston Lager.

According to Owades, yeast contains an enzyme known as Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH). The ADH is able to break down into carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which is equal as what happens in your liver when you drink alcohol. After realizing that this enzyme was in the stomach when drinking alcohol, Owades figured out that the alcohol already had broken down in the stomach. So after drinking many beers the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream has been lessened, however the yeast will not completely eliminate the effects of alcohol but it will reduce them.


So next time you know how to beat your competition when participating in a drinking game!

Or just enjoy the beers like everyone else does!


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