Mind Blowing Creature Found Near The Loch Ness Lake In Scotland

A very strange creature was found near the lake of Loch Ness, Scotland. The pictures are really stunning, pretty strange and maybe a little scary too. At Least ( Or Not ) the creature didn't survive. We know a few facts that there are theories about the Loch Ness creature, there is a theory that the Loch Ness lake is so deep that the creature survived the Dinosaur era and in fact is a dinosaur.

We think that these pictures are real but it is of course up to you to make up your mind...

A good close up of the back of the creature

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The head of the creature

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When the creature still was alive, a while ago

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This picture was accidentally taken by Steve Feltham

Steve Feltham Steve Feltham

A headline from a very old newspaper where they talked about the Loch Ness creature

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We don't know if these pictures are real or not so give your opinion by clicking the Facebook and it with your friends so we can find out the truth!


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