Mind-Blowing Evidence Found That Time Traveling Really Is Possible

How amazing would it be to teleport your self to a different location or period of time within a split second? It is finally time for the scientific fiction and technologies, which are seen in movies to come to life! We have some pictures and facts that could be experienced as unreal and shocking but they're aren't edited.

Did George Washington used time traveling? This is not edited

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And how about a rich celebrity like Nicolas Cage or Christian Bale?




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Scientists from the Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow, have been researching these unimaginable fantasies, and have predicted when we would see real life accomplishment.

We all know Harry Potter, and the time when he used his invisibility cloak (I would really like to have one). Researchers have been experimenting with a similar type of cloak for some time, and there is huge potential for this invisibility gadget to be available within 15 years.

Teleportation, an illusion, check out a digital camera before it even was invented?

Marilyn Monroe in the film "Niagara" -1953

To keep your hopes up, at the day of today, it has been possible to teleport individual particles from a distance, but it can still take some decades for us to teleport people from one place to another.

“Teleporting a person, atom by atom, will be very difficult and is of course a physicist’s way, but perhaps developments in chemistry or molecular biology will allow us to do it more quickly”, as Dr. Mary Jacquiline Romero said. It is true that there is no law telling us what we can or cannot do!

Time travel

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Most of us have seen the movie “Back To The Future”, and I bet we all imagined how cool it would be to teleport your self back to any point of time.

The real question is if this is truly possible, some scientists are convinced that it definitely is possible to create a machine by the year 2100. which can bring you back, or forward in time!

It would be so awesome if it were to be true, what would you do if you had one of these three inventions in your possession? I know what I would do!


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