Once You Read These 10 "Proven" Science Facts, You Will Question Yourself Over And Over Again

So science, every proven science fact is true right? Well think again..

We created a list of 10 science facts which aren't completely true or never heard about, and trust me, after seeing this you will aks yourself this question: How could I not know this?

1. We invite you to look at fish backs! What about them inspires you?


2. This science from 2013 is still so compelling. What do you hope to see from space?


3. Some *sweet* facts about citrus. What's your favorite thing about citrus?


4. We're teaching you about fevers! How do you know when you have a fever?


5. We've got tips for how dogs and cats can get along! What's your tip?


6. We're teaching you about milk cartons! What's your favorite thing about lunchtime milk?


7. We're teaching you about the seven Rs! What's your favorite R?


8. How do you use scientific knowhow to stay toasty?


9. A handy guide to that situation we've all faced: what to do when you find a beached whale.


10. What's your favorite thing about amphibians?


Did you know a amphibian is sexually attracted to both fish and land animals.


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