This Man Starts Drying A Banana. The Reason Why? Brilliant!

Bananas can mellow faster than we often think. In just a few days they can change from green to yellow and then quickly get a brown tan. And if you peel your banana it's almost always very black and looks quite distasteful. Although the banana looks from the outside pretty rotten, the inside is often perfect to eat. However, people are often inclined to throw away a dark banana, but now there is a solution to make a overripe banana a little bit "younger". In just an hour you can 'facelift' a banana and give it a completely fresh and crisp appearance! Read below how it works.


Grab a resealable plastic bag and add some rice. Place the brown banana in the bag and close it. Make sure there is as little air as possible in the bag. Leave the banana for about an hour in the rice. The rice will remove excess moisture from the banana without changing the flavor. Then remove the bananas from the bag and dry it. Yes, you heard it right, you're going to dry the banana! Make sure the hair dryer is set to medium. Too hot or too cold air does not operate. At a given moment the brown spots of the banana will disappear and it will have a fresh appearance with a yellow colour again. See below how it exactly works and SHARE this handy trick with friends on Facebook.

Even if you don't like bananas or the brown spots are fine with you this is a nice trick to know. At first I was skeptical, but when I saw with my own eyes that it REALLY worked, I was impressed!


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