She Literally Lives In A Bank, You'll Never Believe How She Did It And What The Basement Looks Like

Meet Cathy Calhoun, her first job ever was at the National Bank in Spring City. After a few years she decided to quit her job to open her own jeweler shop, but when she saw the building of her former job was for sale she bought the place immediately. At the time ( 1989 ) she payed roughly $50.000 for the building and it would take 24 years to renovate the building.

The building is around 480 square metre and was built in 1872 and still looked pretty good when it went for sale. Cathy transformed this bank into a complete home with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and even a basement. Although she added a lot of changes to the building a lot of elements are still the same.


She didn't changed the outside of the building, including the double door and the large clock which you can see on the picture.

Sometimes people just knock on the door because they think it's still a bank, and I always tell the joke that money deposits are more than welcome.

She hired a handyman to paint the ceiling and renovate the lobby, the pink clouds from in the video are to imitate the sunrise in Pennsylvania. I'm not going to tell you what inside the basement but I can give you a small hint: It has everything to do with a safe ;) .

It's amazing what she did her $50.000 investment and some extra for the renovation, I think it was worth her money.


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