She Puts Ice Cubes In The Dryer. The Reason Why? I'm Also Going To Do This From Now On!

Ironing: something many women hate. You would prefer to put on your favorite shirt without ironing it first. But from now on that is history! This useful life hack shows how to easily get wrinkles out of your shirt without having to touch an iron. Handy if you just do not feel like ironing or do not have a iron. Below is explained step by step how to do it. All you need is a dryer and three ice cubes.



1. Set your dryer in the highest position. 2. Throw your dry shirt in and add three ice cubes. 3. Allow the dryer now to run for 15 minutes. The steam which is released in the dryer ensures that the creases completely disappear. 4. After 15 minutes you get out your shirt and voila, you can wear your shirt without having to iron it first! Want to see how this works, check out the video below.

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