Sleeping Study Shows What Sleeping Position Determines Your Personality

It is very interesting to see how people sleep, usually many of us sleep in the same position every single night. We have found a study that will explain you what type of personality you have, simply by seeing in what position you sleep in at night.

Basically, there are six different sleeping positions, and studies have revealed that the people with the same sleeping pattern have similar personalities.

Find out now what your sleeping position says about you!

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1. The Fetus – You Sleep In A Curled Up Position And Usually With One Arm Underneath The Pillow

Omimatress Omimatress

This means that You are very strong on the outside, but sensitive and vulnerable on the inside. When you are meeting new people at first you are shy but warm up towards the end up the night.

2. The Log – On The Side With Arms And Legs Straight


As a person you are very trusting to others, easygoing and love to have a  social talk. However you are sometimes a bit gullible.

3. The Yearner – Similar To The Log But With Arms Stretched Out Or To The Side

End-Your-Sleep-Depreviation End-Your-Sleep-Depreviatio

You have a social aspect as you are very open to people, but you are slightly cynical. Sometimes you are cautious and you don't make make decisions fast, but once decided you usually stick to your decision.

4. The Soldier – Flat On Your Back With Arms And Legs Straightforward

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In general you are considered a shy and reserved person. Moreover; you also set high expectations for yourself and others, which comes across as being very judgmental.


5. The Freefaller – Flat On Your Stomach With Arms Somehow Wrapped Around The Pillow

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Your personality is unique as you are bold and very sociable, but the situation becomes difficult when you receive feedback, you find it very hard to accept.

6. The Starfish – On Your Back With Arms Waving Around Your Head

SunSigns SunSigns

As a person you are very friendly and also humble. Usually you like to help others but hate being the center point of attention.

There was one other sleeping position which is practices by many, but was not included in the sleeping studies. However we have decided to specify the final sleeping position ourselves!

7. The Drunk - Passed Out In Any Random Place

Iy.Timg Iy.Timg

You Love to have a drink from time to time, sometimes you go a bit overboard and end up embarrassing yourself. You tell yourself it will not happen again, but at the next party you hit the jackpot!

After analyzing all these sleeping positions, which sleeping position fits you? I Personally love to sleep in the Fetus Position!


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