Spend The Night In This Underwater Hotel In The Middle Of The Ocean

Somewhere far far away in the middle on the Atlantic Ocean a crazy person decided to build a hotel surrounded by solely water. At first sight the hotel seems like a small cavern, but expect the unexpected, the bed rooms are situated 4 meters below sea level surrounded by corral riff and exotic fish.

This Hotel boasts amazingly fair prices for such “A once in a lifetime experience” Costing $750 per night per person for a double room and 900$ for a single room. This unique concept is known as the Manta Resort and its location is to be found in the Pemba Island, between Zanzibar and Tanzania.

The Natural Surroundings

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Underwater Multi view

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Close up of the entrance hall

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At night the waters around the Hotel are Spot Lit

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The bedrooms are situated 4 meters below surface

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At night you sleep being surrounded by stunning corral riffs and exotic fish

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I believe that this would be the perfect location for you to celebrate your honeymoon, embracing natures true relaxing surroundings. Are you getting married soon, maybe this is your ultimate destination!


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