The Best Exercises For Getting Rid Of That Unwanted Double Chin

The double chin is a scourge for everyone. You really don't need to be too thick to suffer from that lobule under your chin. But you can certainly do something about this 'fattening'! Want to know how? Read on!


There are three factors that influence a double chin: time, fat and physique. The main cause is fat. If you don't move enough and consume a lot of fat, the tissue under your chin will turn quickly. But even if you're not fat, you can suffer from the double chin.

This is usually determined by the shape of the jaw and neck. As you get older, you will suffer faster from "the lobule". After your 40st, the elasticity of the skin slackens and the hanging will go faster.

But fortunately there are a few exercises which can help you getting rid of that double chin! P.S: do not try to laugh ;-)

And remember: The "attitude" of the head contributes to the strength of your muscles. So it's always good to do a workout for your chin!


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