The BlackBurn Ghost Was Spotted Chasing A Car In The Middle Of The Night

Recent footage was leaked throughout the internet showing the freaky appearance the Black Burn Ghost in the U.K. Two guys we driving through the woods in their truck where they stood eye to eye with the chilling ghost, which was said to be a myth.

The ghost was appeared as having a hunchbacked posture, wearing a white cloak with hair falling down in front of his face. The video footage was taken in U.K. Blackbun, which is a famous are where these type of ghost linger around at night.

Some say the ghost wandering around in the woods is the same monk who was killed in January 1643, this could be evidence of revenge taken by the ghost himself.

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In case you were wondering, the screaming person was speaking in Arabic. "Move the car backwards. Faster! Faster!" he pleads of the driver. Some redditors claim that this is a clear hoax, or possibly a student film. Regardless, I don't plan on going down any muddy British roads anytime soon.


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