The Top 7 Laziest Countries On The Globe, I Did Not Expect #4

How Much percent of the population per country actually works out on a daily basis? It is always interesting to compare the world’s countries facts and figures with each other; the results actually amazed me.

7.) Malaysia, 61.4% Laziness ratio

ecofrencommunity ecofrencommunity

Malaysians are the "murrica" of South-East Asia. Except instead of eating Big Macs they love to eat Nasi Lemak with cheese, Pandan Curry Chicken and way too much rice.

6.) United Arab Emirates, 62.5% Laziness Ratio

buzzfed buzzfed

Most of the Arabs are living the good life, enjoying the privileges of being a local. They rather spend their money and show of their awesome expensive cars than going to the gym for a intense workout.

5.) United Kingdom, 63.3% Laziness Ratio

birminghammail birminghammail

The British people love to enjoy a drink and go out clubbing, but unfortunately this is not considered being a sport. Their fish and chips have rewarded them a spot in the top 5 laziest countries in the world.

4.) Micronesia, 66.6% Laziness Ratio

buckettripper buckettripper

To be honest I did not know that Micronesia existed until now. Their natural relaxing environment does not motivate them in being active; they have the privilege to enjoy a relaxing day without thinking about stress too much.

3.) Argentina, 66.9% Laziness Ratio

bp bp

We all know the Argentineans love to cheat their way out in football (Soccer), look at Messi For example. They are known for their slow working and everything just takes so much time.

2.) Swaziland, 69% Laziness Ratio

care2 care2

Swaziland is many times confused of being part of South Africa, However they are not. They are nominated as number two, since their Sunday is known as “Lazy Sundays” Where every citizen of Swaziland lies in and relaxed the entire day.

1.) Malta, 71.9% Laziness Ratio

1800politics 1800politics

The citizens of Malta are known for their Couch Potato Lifestyle, as most of the people from Malta die because of physical inactivity, this percentage is higher than anywhere else in the world

I have received the question many times already why some countries are not listed in the top 7, For Example America. We all expected America to be in the top 7, but these results are based on facts and not stereotypes.

Tell us which countries did you expect to earn a spot in the top 7 laziest countries of the world?


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