The True Feelings Behind The Former Fat Kids, The Feeling Never Dissapears

Loosing weight is one of the most satisfying thing people in general can experience, shaping into that body you have always dreamed off. Some of us are able to lose all that excessive weight and finally get in shape, however the emotional feelings which were endured as a fat person still stay close to mind.

Sometimes they cant help but see themselves still as that fat kid, even after losing their desired weight. Sometimes, it is easier to loose weight than overcoming the mental block which is still stuck in your mind.

There Are Certain Moments You Simply Cant Forget

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There's Something About It That Sticks With You

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Here Are The True Feelings Of Our Former Fat Kids

It must be a burden carrying the same emotions with you even though you were successful in losing weight. Do you know anyone who is going through the same process as these former fat kids?


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