These 5 Biggest Mysteries On Earth Have Never Been Solved

Everybody has a list of which places they want to visit before they die, places you don't know yet. But there are a few places not everybody knows about which aren't particularly famous or beautiful but more very mysterious.

1. The Mayans and the end of the world



Every body thought that according to the Maya's the end of the world should have been in 2012. So what did it mean and where did it come from?

The Maya's are a population from the south of Mexico and North of Central America. For over decades the Maya's did their own calculations and used their own calendars. And these calculations are the finest we've ever seen in human history. The Maya's calendar ended exactly on December 21, 2012. So was it the end? Yes in was the end, but also a new beginning the Maya's said.

According to the Maya's the biggest chances of the world's ending are the tsunami's, nuclear power plants, world wide crisis etc..

The Maya "Doomsday" calendar



2. Atlantis




Everybody heard of this story, the mysterious sunken island Atlantis. The only information we have about this island is a map and small story from philosopher Plato. The map clearly shows a piece of land between The United States and Afrika.

Is it all made up? Did the island just disappeared in the sea? Or just merged with other continents? These questions are still not answered.

3. Stonehenge




This is a big wall from stone close to Amesbury, England. There isn't a place like this so many people are talking about it's great mysteries. If you look to it as a monument it's beautiful and amazing, especially at sunset.

But the myth is ever more beautiful, these rocks are in a perfect circle more than 5000 years. Okay so we know this now, BUT how this people created this circle of stones in the time they lived is unexplainable. Some of these stones weigh more than 26 tons. Even with the machines we have nowadays it is a tough job.

4. The Bermuda Triangle




This one of my favorite, The Bermuda Triangle. It's a large triangle between Florida, the Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico. This place won the mysterious name because strange things started to happen from the beginning of 1920. A lot of ships and boats just disappeared from the radar when they were in the triangle.

There are o lot of eyewitnesses who saw the strangest things over there like UFO's, strong magnetic fields, other dimensions and sea monsters. We don't know if the answers to these stories are real, it's up to you to judge about it.

5. Easter Island



On the coast of Chili there is a island called Easter Island. There is a lot of beautiful stuff to see on the island, but also a big mystery.

The are multiple stone statues which are way too high to be build by humans in that time, they're called: Moai. Nobody really knows exactly why they're built and by who.


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