They Found This Starving Dog In A Garbage Bag, BUT What Happened After Is A Miracle

When they found this dog called Patrick he almost passed away. His cruel owner threw him away with no food, nothing. To make this story even more worse than it already is, the owner hided him in a garbage bag next to a road.

When a garbage collector saw a strange bin liner next to a road he openen the bag immediately and saw Patrick almost starving.

Patrick was found by a garbage collector, when they found him he was almost dead.


He was famished and looked like he could die any second.


No doctor though he could survive, however, Patrick did!


But Patrick wasn't healthy at all. He weighed 19 pounds and his body temperature was way too low.


His chances were almost zero and everyday he survived was a day of victory.


But everybody at the hospital was very positive.


He slowly got better, step after step.


Patrick said goodbye to his terrible days.


He started playing again, just like every other healthy dog!


The owner of the hospital adopted him.


It took more than a year but Patrick is fully recovered and so healthy now!


What an amazing transformation! Patrick's ex owner had to answer to the Court, justice, and we believe this was the ex owner of Patrick

Patrick's story is the best example of the positive effects of being loved, share this story with everybody!


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