This 4 Year-Old Boy Called 911 With Questions About His Homework

This 4 year old boy had a problem, and his mother always told him: "Son, if you are in trouble, always call the police". This time his problem was math so he called the police with questions about his homework. And fortunately it was a very nice police officer who actually tried to help him with his homework and he even wanted to send someone over to help him.


Unfortunately the conversation was interrupted when his mother found out that he was asking a policeman questions about his math. He immediately ended the conversation when his mother saw him.

Listen to the cutest, conversation below. And a lot of you are going to say: "A 4 year old with homework?" I really think 5 times 5 is a pretty normal school assignment for a 4 year old boy.

All with all, the police can be a pain in the a** sometimes but you can also always count on them if you are in a bad situation like a robbery, grand theft , and yes, also with math problems.


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